Zainab n Ridwan Traditional Wedding

I mentioned this couple here A friend was in the studio when I was processing those images. He asked Ridwan what they were waiting for, He joked about how he was tired of seeing them together and why the groom hadn’t “put a ring on it” (in Beyonce’s voice), he said he couldn’t understand what they were waiting for as they struck him as an inseparable pair. They both said they were not ready yet and that hopefully they’ll wait till 2014. We all joked about it all through till they left the studio. Fast forward to four months later, The bride called me to say he had proposed, she was in shock, they had an agreement to wait till 2014, I guess the groom realized the time had come, I was very happy, surprised, elated, when I heard the news. It was a pleasure being their Photographer. Here are few images from their Traditional wedding. Enjoy.              

  In as much as I love to capture this moment where she remembered her late dad. I felt her pain.



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