Opeyemi + Adura’gba ~ Our Prayers Has Been Answered

In life people meet everyday, anywhere, any how, any time. For this couple. It only take the birth of new baby that brought them together. Opeyemi had gone to visit the joyous Mother to rejoice with her on the birth of the new baby.

Adura’gba also happened to be in the same hospital, at the same time and in the same room to rejoice with the New Mother too. A few glances towards each other did it for them. However it was on the Baby Dedication Ceremony that they hit it off. And the rest as usual is history…

Makeup By Funmi Remedi http://facebook.com/remediinc

So going by their names which was very funny to me when I asked Our Sweet Bride what’s her husband’s name while booking. For them, they are indeed both grateful that their prayers has been answered today. We wish you both many more fruitful years on earth living and loving.

Sweet Regards



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  1. Obi says:

    really loving this .. nice one