Bunmi + Deji ~ Traditional Engagement

For Bunmi and Deji, their was not love at first sight. But they both knew they will be more than just friends when they met. They met in the banking hall. Few minutes afterwards, they were having lunch together. It’s as if they both knew they were ordained for each other. So a friendship ensued between them thus leading to something extra ordinary.

I was very happy to document this wedding, having being referred to Bunmi by one of my many satisfied bride. I hope you enjoy the view, just like I enjoyed documenting this. And yes.. watch out for the White wedding shortly….
Wishing you a fantastic month ahead.

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  1. Nikky says:

    Beautiful.. Beautiful. Its even an post.I Just saw this on twitter. I love it.
    You are really gifted Spicy!

    1. Thank you ma. God bless you. 🙂