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Hello everyone, how is the New Year coming up? I guess great already. Some images didn’t made it to the blog last year, here is one of them from Adewunmi and Ayotunde’s Wedding Ceremony. And if in case you missed their Tradition Wedding post, you can still check it here. Talking about a beautiful big wedding, this is one. From the lovely couple, beautiful guests,  to the grand ceremony and to all the little details that made their wedding day a success, it was indeed an amazing wedding.

With great music from the Sugar Band and magical touch of the Zaphire Events. They really had me at their wedding details, both of them really took out the time to pick and customized all their wedding details. I just love it and I captured it all here.

Here are few of my favorites from their Church Wedding Ceremony. I hope you like them?

SpicyInc-01 SpicyInc-02 SpicyInc-03 SpicyInc-04 SpicyInc-05 SpicyInc-06 SpicyInc-07

SpicyInc-08 SpicyInc-09

Always and Forever 🙂 I adore this rings.SpicyInc-10 SpicyInc-11


Mrs. Banke Meshida Lawal of BMPro working her magic on the bride.SpicyInc-14 SpicyInc-15 SpicyInc-16 SpicyInc-17SpicyInc-19 SpicyInc-20 SpicyInc-21 SpicyInc-22 SpicyInc-23 SpicyInc-24 SpicyInc-25 SpicyInc-26SpicyInc-29 SpicyInc-30 SpicyInc-31
SpicyInc-34 SpicyInc-35 SpicyInc-36 SpicyInc-37 My moment! I love it always. KissesSpicyInc-38 SpicyInc-39 SpicyInc-40 SpicyInc-41Don’t you just love this cutie peeping?

SpicyInc-42 SpicyInc-43 SpicyInc-44 SpicyInc-45 SpicyInc-46 SpicyInc-47 SpicyInc-48 SpicyInc-49 SpicyInc-50 SpicyInc-51 SpicyInc-52 SpicyInc-53 SpicyInc-54 SpicyInc-55 SpicyInc-56SpicyInc-58SpicyInc-60 SpicyInc-61 SpicyInc-62SpicyInc-64 SpicyInc-65 SpicyInc-66 SpicyInc-67 SpicyInc-68 SpicyInc-69 SpicyInc-70SpicyInc-72 SpicyInc-73 SpicyInc-74 SpicyInc-75 SpicyInc-76 SpicyInc-77 SpicyInc-78SpicyInc-80 SpicyInc-81SpicyInc-83

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  1. cyndy says:

    Hi, nice job… Am a regular folower of ur blog nd facebook page, look forward to ur posts always. Pls I wud like to knw ur product, package and price quotation for an outside lagos 1day wedding covrage(Abuja) op to hear frm u soo. Thumps up.

    1. Thanks so much for you kind comment ma’am.
      We are super touched. Kindly check your mail.

  2. Nikky says:

    Wow. So beautiful. May God bless their Union.
    Great work Spicy.

    1. Thank you ma’am for your constant love.
      Remain blesses 🙂

  3. elizabeth says:

    WOW!this is beautiful.u are really good at what u do,keep it up.I wouldn’t fail to recommend you.

  4. elizabeth says:

    WOW!this is beautiful.u are really good at what u do,keep it up.I wouldn’t fail to recommend you.

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    1. Thank you Elizabeth. We appreciate your kind words.

  5. Lateef awal says:

    Great job. You really done justice to this wedding.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks sir. We appreciate your comment.