Adetoun + Ololade: A Union Made In Paradise

On a beautiful Sunday morning, barely over a decade ago. He saw her standing by the road side on the street of Lagos. It was just a glance, and he looked away. But he couldn’t help the second glance. Just as he couldn’t help the urge to beckon to her. With an open line he can muster… He said to her “Please do me a favor, when you get home, please tell your parents they are the luckiest parents on earth to have been blessed with an extremely beautiful princess like you.”
He requested for her address, there and then which she gave him willingly just so he will get out of her face. Unknowingly to him, she gave him a fake address in Ijebu Ode.

But as luck would have it. He saw her again a few days later and wondered why, since she already told him, she doesn’t stay in Lagos. With the thought that she may have lied to him. He followed her secretly and traced her to her house. Fast forward from then, here we are today. This lovely couple is happily married today. I’m happy to have documented their wedding ceremony which was never short of excitement, romance and complete sheer love.

I’m amazed at their every touch, every kiss and every emotion that pass through them as I captured them. That even after, Eleven years. This two are still crazy about each other. I’m touched. Here is wish you both more joyous life on earth.



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  1. Obi says:

    nice work, really like your details shots

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      I appreciate your comments.
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