Kemi + Yemi Traditional Wedding | Nigerian Wedding Photographer

Hello Sweet Folks,
It’s been a minute. I know, Cos I was away for awhile. I’m back. So is business 😉 Haven’t been chanced to blog. Whew. Sometimes. Blogging just don’t sound easy as it seems. But I was really caught between my travelings, training and classes. Wow! I thought it will be so easy, it was easy though but I didn’t have time for to blog at all. I was always on the move but it was ah!mazing. You just have to keep a tab here, I’m going to blog every part of the trip.

Anyway enjoy this wedding from Kemi & Yemi. I love it when I receive mails from happy go lucky clients. Few mails exchanged from Yemi. I knew I wanted to be their wedding Photographer. We chatted as if we’ve known forever. Referred by Nike and Deji one of our previous couple I’m so humbled by this couple. Kemi gentle demeanour and charm. I love the way they respond to each other, their emotions, their feelings. I captured them all on their glorious day. Here is wishing you both a lovely union, together forever.


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  1. Adeola Thompson says:

    Great Work, I loved this post.
    It is beautiful. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks so much Ma.
      Do check back again soon 🙂