Miss Ikaz ~ The Philanthropist, The Publicist And The Lover

Meet the ever smiling Zainab Ikaz Yakubu. Most people know her as Miss Ikaz. She is a publicist, social media consultant, an entrepreneur, writer, philanthropist and a lover. Yes a sweet lover. Miss Ikaz has been one of those rare people you meet that just steal your heart away. Friendly and resilient. She is a great company though could be troublesome.hahaha. She is uber troublesome. But I love her regardless. She is generous. Wow… to the extreme. And I’m sure everyone that knows her knows this too. She single handedly floated an NGO foundation for Child Adoption and Sponsorship Awareness Project Casap 

Check her on her blog here And if you need some publicist done follow her on facebook here   Or on twitter here  

And before you are wondering at some certain pictures on this post. Well the shoot was for Ikaz’s profile. But remember I called her the Lover.  It’s because it is  hard to see her without her beau. They are like 5 & 6 always. Anyway I hope you like the images. Love to see your feed back.

 Accompanied by her beau. Bey. An Actor With an unusual eye for photography. He was a great assistant too 🙂

How I just love them together. And I do wish this is their engagement shoot *cantwatch*




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