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Someone said this in one of the episodes of Revenge “Unpredictable moments can change your life, if you are ready for them” Absolutely! When I decided to embark on my trip to the USA, I had no idea of what I was getting into. With not much finance, passport or visa, I strived so hard to make the trip come true. Something just kept gnawing at my heart, but I kept questioning myself fervently If I’m really ready for this.  Ready or not, I shrugged it off, so I took the first step in getting my papers. Here we are, have been there and back and my life has been like an adventure ever since.

At United2013. I experienced something different, something I can’t put to words, it was indeed a life changing event in my life. Having been a part of this amazing group Showiteers for close to three years, they are the best thing that can ever happen to anyone. Beautiful hearts, great attitude and selfless services, sometimes I can’t help but question.  What move them?  It was a sheer pleasure meeting them all finally.

The height of it all, was those amazing shoot outs and inspirational moments from those awesome speakers that was planned for the conference. I was privileged to have met lots of people whom I will never have thought possible of meeting in 5 years if I had not dared the odds and move beyond my conform zone.

I experienced a whole new world,  I learn from the best photographer there is,  I learnt not just about Photography but beyond Photography. I learn about being me, my purpose in life and why I do what I do. I learn about managing myself, my business, people and being happy while I’m at it. You do need to keep a tab on this page. Like I said, I will share it all.

I will leave you with the activities of day one.

Day one started with this Mock Wedding Meet Up with Megan  Kuethen and Brittany Schlamp. I only ended up taking image of us alone.


 I stumbled on this Bohemian Bride at Sunset on my way back to the Hotel at the Four Seasons Hotel where the whole event was taking place. So I stole a few shot.



 And I couldn’t resist this Sunset images before I went inside to join the Cocktail Reception to welcome us all to the great event.


 Here are few images I took of the event.  Me and some ah!mazing Showiteers.







Love from Benin,
PS: I’m out here for a wedding. Looking forward to rocking my wedding. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Ciao 😀


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  1. Lateef awal says:

    I’m always impressed with you Taiwo.
    You are a very strong woman. I’m glad to have met you.
    You are going tothe top… Where you belong In Sha Allah

    1. Thanks so much. I appreciate sir.