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Hi Folks,

I just thought of doing a new blog series call SpicyIncStudio Photo of The day.One of my goal is to cultivate the habit of blogging daily.  Whether it’s a new image or old, but an image you haven’t seen before from my personal work, be it from any genre of Photography. Simply anything that caught my fancy, It will be either from my camera or phone. So keep a tab with me here. And any day you didnt see a post from me. Dont hesitate to pull my ears 😉

I will leave you with this images of the cigar Shoot I took in Santa Barbara, California.  Special thanks to Trevor Dayley for teaching me how to rock this shoot at united2013 and thanks Chad and Christina for being such a great spot 😉

  The Cigar Shoot  | Photo Of The Day Spicyincstudio


 The Cigar Shoot  | Photo Of The Day  SpicyInc Studio


 The Cigar Shoot could be for Wedding couples and groomsmen or  as portraits as you’ve seen above. Contact me if you want  a shoot like this as an à la carte for your wedding.





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  1. Adenike says:

    Welcome back Spicy… Have really missed your post.
    I can see new skills coming up from your studio soon.
    Keep up the great work. You are truly blessed.

    1. Thanks for stopping by ma’am
      And the kind compliments.
      Remain blessed