Our Childhood Picture From Late Grandma’s Archives…

I used to rebuke my mum(jokingly)so many times anytime I see my other siblings childhood pictures. That how come my twin brother and I didnt get our pictures taken. She used to tell me that she took so many pictures for us but people always take them from the albums when they come visiting till she has none left.

I see people every day changing their profile pictures to their childhood pictures to celebrate their birthdays and it always saddens me that I have none to boast of. Until recently we lost our grandma. And this came out from her archives.(lol). We are just few months old here…

When my mum handed me the pictures. It came out with lots of emotions and I shed tears. The picture is a bit tattered but I still love it like that. The funny bits…
I always complained that I have no frontal hair… So its from childhood..Mscheeeeeeeeeeeeeeew
I love my eyes,cheeks and lips..They haven’t change much except my nose that look flat here.
And what was the photographer thinking. A whole princess’s shoe is off and he took my picture like that. ahem I need to find him asap.

On this note. I’d like to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the mummy(s) in the world. Especially to my mum. You’ve been a great support to us. Through your prayers, support and never letting go. We’ve been able to see what you went through in bringing us up. The pains, the labour, the troubles( even amidst being in a polygamous home). And yet you still struggle for us to be a better person in life. I am the woman I am today because you are such one of the rare mothers that instill values and morals to her children. Thank you mum… May God keep you strong and alive for us to repay you. May you live to eat the fruit of your labour. Thank you for giving us LIFE… We all love you.


PS: Permit the bad picture of Kenny… I can’t get to take good new picture of him. And to Kenny…I purposely use this picture. So I’d be finer than you… Ntooooooooooooo.


Thanks so much for your comments


  1. Kafayat says:

    You both look cute at childhood and you look more beautiful now.
    May God bless and continue to keep both of you.

    1. Amen. Thanks ma’am
      Remain bless