Its my birthday!!!

I’m having amazing life changing time of my life. Yes! iStop pRocrastination. iFollow my dReam! I will be in the US for awhile. Where I’d be attending two major Photography Conventions  united + wppi 2013.

And I’m not only excited. I still love to scream out load! Since I started Photography I had wanted to do one or two workshop to help my Photography business being a self taught photographer. But every time I dared to dream. I always feel like I’m not ready yet. Finance, time, this and that. But late last year. I shrugged it off. And I followed my heart. No matter what I have, I’m going to do it. So long I achieve something.

So it’s been like the best Birthday gift ever. But not so, because when I woke up the morning, I realized the best birthday gift I could ever wish for… Is ‘YOU’ Everyone of you. Wowza! It’s been an honor being celebrate like this, I’m speechless. Thanks so much.

I would be away for awhile. While I’m away I can be contacted through my email and on Facebook . Like I mentioned here I will be posting lots about my journey here. May not be all about Weddings and events. This time about me. So watch out.


Thanks so much for your comments


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