I’m Always Angry

Yes.. But this is not from Dr. Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the movie “Avengers”. This is me talking. I’m angry that I work endlessly at odd hours doing what I love to do best. Capturing your timeless moments. Sit down long hours at my computer perfecting it. Hopping from one computer to another. From lightroom to photoshop. Sometime I don’t sleep too… Just to make sure you have your beautiful photograph that you can swoon about for life and on time too.

Picture By Xprexxion 

But I’m angry that you don’t want to pay me at all for this. Or I had to practically beg for you to pay me as at when due. I’m not an hungry photographer. I’m a professional photographer that loves what I do. I’m not happy when I can’t get this done. Just because X and Y refuses to keep to their bargain.
Henceforth please note. All my services require full time payment before deliveries. And all jobs must be booked and paid adequately for ahead.

Not forgeting to add friends asking for a free session or discount. Without being rude. I think you should respect my profession here. Business succeeds when friends and family pay for services rendered to them. I pay rent, tax, bills, salary or what have you. I work painstakingly everyday to ensure I’m up and running. So permit me if I say NO.




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