Kola Daramola’s Birthday Bash

In my sojourn as a lifestyle photographer. I’ve been so unlucky to have a guy celebrate his birthday. So Kola’s birthday was a privileged. Oh my world! I had fun while at it. One because the guys were awesome and they simply having fun among their selves. And not all ladies like. Who will just cross their legs and still continue pinging away on their BB. Hmmm

Anyway I digress. This party was held at Ikare Beach House. somewhat somewhere outskirt of lagos/Badagry. The boat cruise was as usual interesting.

The fun part… Everybody that made it to that Beach House, got thrown into the Pool except your truly and the DJ. It was really fun capturing this birthday. And the weather was so so amazing. I’m sure you can see that yourself.

On our way to The Beach House

Go Kola... Its your Birthday

They pushed Kola into the water..That’s where it all began.

Throwing Galore....Hehehe

And then Kola got one of his perfect tooth broken during the throw out..What a memorable day...lol

Hope you enjoy viewing this images as much I enjoyed capturing them.





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  1. Bosie says:

    Looks all fun to me,kept a smile on my face