What To Wear

I know everyone get to that point where they have difficulties in selecting what to wear for a shoot. Or what is appropriate at all. Fret not. Here is a little tip to help you rock your session.

For weddings and other ceremonial events, we are sure good to work with the perfect ensemble(s) you have chosen for you big day. But for portraits and engagement (pre-wedding) shoot. Just keep it simple! In this case, less is more.

We’d recommend casual, classic clothing without prints or logos. Solid, very dark or light shirts work well with nice trouser pant or jean. If you are looking for a more modern look, feel free to bring along a fun bold outfit for an outfit change. Hats, high heels, scarves, socks, or like accessories can bring a fun, fresh element of color to portraits as well.

If you are booking as a group or if its a family shoot, try to keep a similar theme, either in color or style. But not necessarily they should be the same. Unless that’s what you want. No problem. We just want to shoot you having fun.

Most importantly, make sure you’re comfortable cos we love it when you stick to your personal style, but you can spice it up a little. You can bring a change of clothes (but please note, sometime you might have to change in the car or any available secluded spot.. But the bottom line is, we do want you to have fun while bringing out the best in you and your session.

I have this little compilation on pinterest that could help you rock your shoot. Do click below

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