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Someone once said “In teaching others we teach ourselves”

While I’m no expert in Photography, I’ve garner lots of knowledge since I started my business, from being a self taught photographer to being a professional photographer. It’s been awhile now but sometimes I still think about how hard it was starting up. And basically not knowing anything about Photography! how to do it! what to do! equipment necessary! how to edit the images! how to package the images! how to get the clients! what to charge! I started the business without the know how but with just the passion in my heart and the thought that photography would be the easiest and affordable business to embark on…

I know there are lot of people out there experiencing same.

So I love to pay  it forward by starting a category for Photographers, Tips, Ideas and Knowledge Sharing. Either for the new bees looking for tips and tricks or the  great Photographers out there. One thing is, no one knows it all. So lets do it together and making it as much fun as possible, if you have any question, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment below each post.

I look forward to impacting  something to you as well as learning too.

Because a post is not good with an images. Here are few from a behind the scene of a shoot I did recently.

Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

 I love to use the reflector for all my shoot,  it does not only help you redirect light to your subject, it helps kill the shadows.

Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer


Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

And I just love the way it makes all my images glows. I will do another post  on Reflectors shortly. Keep a tab here.

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  1. Funke Odunnaike says:

    Nice piece. Here’s my question: is there any standard positioning for the reflector. What’s the best placement to obtain best results from my reflector?

    1. Hello Funke
      Where you place your Reflector depend largely on what you want. You can use it as a fill light or block out the light completely. You’d just have to look at your subject and determine which area that needed more fill light or vice versa. I hope this answers your question.

  2. ASG says:

    Good Idea. By the way, Just to let you know that someone is being mentored by your works, I ordered for the Photographer’s MBA I saw on your IG.