Funke + Demola | Engagement Shoot

I’ve known Demola for over a decade now. Humble and very kind. I’ve also being opportune to meet him at different events. He is the life of a party. But there is one side of him that I never knew existed. The romantic part of him. When he called me earlier in the year to booked his wedding date. I was happy. And I prayed that may God see us till then and much more. We are finally here with their wedding next month. We got together for their engagement shoot. The rain wouldn’t allowed us at first. But despite the drizzles. I was able to get some wonderful images. And I’m overwhelmed with both of them. They totally blow my heart away. Wow! Don’t let me talk so much. I believe the images will tell their story. Do enjoy. And if shooting these two struck lots of emotions in me. Their story got me teary. Do check their website out here  .


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  1. […] If you missed their traditional wedding. You can still view it here And their engagement shoot here . Hope you enjoy their wedding as much as I enjoyed capturing their day. Have a productive week […]