Faidat & Uzoma ~ Engagement Shoot

They both attended the same school; University of Lagos, and studied the same course. Also share lots of mutual friends, but they never spoke much until their fourth year in school. He was the good looking, quiet boy who sat at the back of class and she was the chatterbox who sat at the front of the class.

Both in their own world. Until she lost one of her dearest uncle during their Exams. Despair and feeling very out of it and in no mood for her friends, let alone making new ones! By some odd stroke of fate, They got talking. They became friends. They became close. And now they are going to become one soon. We are so happy to be shooting their wedding soon.

As always, we hope you enjoy their pictures as much as we love shooting them.
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  1. odun says:

    Hi Spicy,

    Could you kindly forward me your price list for an engagement within lagos. axis?

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