Adewunmi + Ayotunde Engagement Shoot | Nigeria Wedding Photography

Adewunmi mailed me while I was away in the US earlier this year inquiring about our services.  Immediately I got in, I pulled a call through to her and we met. I was soaking in her beautiful office when Ayotunde joined us.  Dew and Dottie as they are fondly called are a fun, funny, loving and articulate couple. They both have keen eyes for details, they just love their stuff the way they want it. 🙂

We went about all our various wedding packages and other clarifications. As always with all my couples, I want to know how they met. (which I’m sure by now, most of you already know that, so I will not bore you out) they had me totally at the engagement proposal, I was not privy to have seen the video before I met them. Oh, you will love the video. Dottie had me teary eyes when he told me the story of how he proposed. I know I’d love to be part of their day because I’m just a sucker for  a good  love story.  Fast forward to four months later, we got together to shoot their pre-wedding engagement shoot. Here are few of my favorites from the shoot. Enjoy!

I hope you like the images, just like I enjoyed shooting them 🙂 And by the way if you haven’t seen their proposal video, you can watch it here and still want to know how they met and more about them, why not stop by at their wedding site here. Be sure to send in your goodwill for them. So so looking forward to their wedding in October. And by the way, we are on facebook, twitter and instagram, if you are not following us, kindly do and drop me a message, I’ll love to hear from you and I’d be happy to follow back.




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  1. Nikky says:

    I saw this image on your Instagram. I love and love it. Your creativity is alwaysamazing Spicy. Well done. Wishing the couple a blissful life ahead.

  2. Jesse says:

    These pictures are lovely.