Abisola + Akinkunmi | De-Renaissance Hotel Engagement Shoot

I barely know this couple, I don’t know their story at all. A close and dear friend referred them to me, after few calls and chatting with me from the UK, they booked me for their wedding. They flew in a week to their wedding. And they’ve been busy rounding up the plans for the wedding, so we didn’t get to do their engagement shoot until the night to their wedding. Well it’s still the pre-wedding shoot. lol

And they are such an amazing couple. Did I say earlier that I don’t know their story. Yes I don’t. I don’t know how they met. I don’t know when they met. And I don’t want to disturb their honeymoon asking them. But I can tell you spending time with them that night, I knew a lot about them. I do know what love is with them, the way they look at each other, hold each other, play together and to cap it all. They are both simply gorgeous. Do enjoy.



























 And we were not alone. We had the shoot in the presence of their family and friends.  We had so much fun.

 Though wish I could seize their phones


 And they wont let me off. Unless they jumped into the shoot too. And I couldn’t resist that too 😉

  Venue: De-Renaissance


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  1. Bukola says:

    Congrats Bisola,God will bless this beautiful union with more love,peace,happiness,joy,good health and wealth and five sets of twins.But I’m not seeing your ur bestfriend/sister (Abiola Yussuf) in the group picture.*winks*

    1. Lmao @ five sets of twins. I’m sure she’d give you 8 of them. So you can take care of them. Haha
      Thanks so much for the comment ma’am.

  2. Deji Black says:

    Wishing you best of luck in your marriage. Mama Oladoja Jnr we dey come chop meat pretty soon for overs oh. *wink

    1. Thanks for the comment sir. I’m sure she will respond shortly.

  3. Abisola says:

    Thanks guys 4 d lovely comments,God bless!! @ Bukola,Spicy has said it all,will gladly give u some.Kudos 2 spicy!! *wink* *wink*.