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A Professional Photographer, an Entrepreneur, a Writer, an amateur web designer, a blogger, fashion lover, Ballroom dancer, and a web freak living in Lagos, Nigeria. I love my extended Family, my Nikon Cameras, Coffee and if I’m not out shooting. I’m at home buried on the computer. I never set out to be a photographer. I had a love affair with writing since I was in college, scribbling in my school notes… And putting short stories together. And my love for photography was simply a day without taking a self picture of me with my mini camera or phone. My love affair with photography started as a hobby, and all the cards fell into place when I lost my job years ago as a Banker. I realized this could be an actual job. From my passion to making myself unique, grew a network of fans both home and beyond. I love who I am, what I do. And I don’t think I can be better at anything than all this. Because they all give me great joy. Great image means more than just a pretty photoshopped pictures. I painstakingly compose my shot right from capturing it to tell your story. I spent my leisure time learning on the computer. Blogging is a fun of way of learning and sharing, sourcing for branding ideas and simply how to create a different edge for my businesses. I have degree in Business Administration, Diploma in marketing and Certificate in Infotech and undying passion for Photography.

The Haven Event Centre Wedding Reception – Biola + Gbayi

The Haven Event Centre Wedding Reception - Biola + Gbayi

 Biola + Gbayi - The Haven Event Centre Wedding Reception The sequel to Biola + Gbayi Nikkah Wedding. If you miss their Nikkah Celebration post, you can still view here or their beautiful e-session at the Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Estate? You can view that as well here too! The reception was nothing short but ah!mazing!!! Having been in awe ...


When #TechMeetsArtNG At Re.Le Gallery

#TechMeetsArtNG At Re.le Gallery

  #TechMeetsArtNG At Re.le Gallery I was opportune to attend this unprecedented culinary art and photography exhibition of the Samsung #TechMeetsArtNG, tagged “What’s Cooking Re.le?” last weekend at the Re.Le Gallery on Sunday. The Exhibition featured two prominent Nigerian Photographers: Kelechi Amadi-Obi and Ade Okelarin (Asiko) who collaborated with three leading Nigerian Chefs: Dunni Obata  of Dooney’s Kitchen, Ozoz Sokoh  and Tiyan Alile of ...


Oyindamola + Kareem – The Haven Event Centre Wedding, Ikeja

The Haven Event Centre Wedding, Ikeja - Oyindamola + Kareem

Haven Event Centre Wedding, Ikeja - Oyindamola + Kareem I know have been a tad behind in blogging these days. Sigh. I miss it so much. But the world gets in the way 🙂 Here is the beautiful wedding of Oyindamola and Kareem at The Haven Event Centre, Ikeja. Remember them from their E-session. It was beautiful and colorful wedding. I knew from meeting ...