Beautiful Sample Album \\ SpicyInc Studio Photography, Lagos

Beautiful Sample Album \\ SpicyInc Studio Photography, Lagos

I’m excited to showcase our new client’s Album sample.  I’ve been meaning to share this on the blog  since I got them.

But first I need to thank a few people for this gorgeousness. So on the final day of Wppi2014  I urged myself to get out of my bed to attend one of the last day classes. Then I entered jaleelking and @tattooedbridephotoguy’s Overcoming Barriers to Success class.

The class was already filled when I got in, I made my way to the back and found a place on the floor next to others. After an hour of muffled cries and the teary eyes of everyone in the class, I won this beautiful album, not because I’m a friend because as always I’m always the one that travelled the farthest.

Jaleel King is one of a kind, I admired him for some many reasons, not just because he is a Photographer but because he motivates me. He is one person that “Never let life experience define who he is” So if you have had the chance to meet him, know his story and hear him talk, you’d agree with me. And Mike Alebach is one Photographer have come to admire his style of Photography since I’ve met him and his exceptional offbeat brides images? Totoally Ah|mazing!

Thanks once again Jaleel and Mike. I love, love the Album. 

For those that is wondering what WPPI is all about. WPPI is  the largest Wedding  and Portrait Photographers International Convention, which holds annually in Las Vegas. 

 Remember our Bridal Shoot Inspiration, I decided to use the Album to create this gorgeousness from the shoot. This is our most premium Album yet. I hope to showcase various Albums more soon.

Absolutely in love with the packaging. Beautiful Sample Album \\ SpicyInc Studio Photography, LagosBeautiful Sample Album \\ SpicyInc Studio Photography, LagosBeautiful Sample Album \\ SpicyInc Studio Photography, LagosSome of the spreads from the Album.


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  1. Wani says:

    Looks stunning and that was a great shoot as well. Congrats

    1. Thank you so much Wani for the love always 🙂